1) Measure Twice, Order Once.

Measure the item in this format to submit to your project manager, Length x Width x Height.

If you are not comfortable measuring the item yourself, contact our sales staff. We are happy to stop by and measure for you.

2) Provide All The Necessary Information Upfront.

Sending all the information upfront helps speed up the processes.

Include in your Request for Quote (RFQ):
• Item dimensions (include chords, casters, and add-ons), quantity of crates, (desired) lead time
• If applicable: Means of transportation, destination, domestic or international.
• Special requests: Fragility, hinges, ramps, tradeshow style, weight of item, delivery notes (i.e.: No deliveries on Wednesday).

3) Review Crate Quote.

Please review the notes provided on the bottom of your quote to see the estimated weight and outside dimensions (OD) on the crate to make sure we are accurate.

4) Sit Back And Relax.

Once you receive a sales order confirmation, alert your dock crew, and relax. We have it from here. Our talented craftsmen will construct your custom crate and deliver it on time. In the meantime, feel free to contact our office staff with any questions or concerns.