4 Reasons to Use Custom Packaging for Your Next Shipment

There are many reasons to use custom packaging for your next shipment. From saving time and money to access to resources and personalized service, find out how Cratek can provide a custom packaging solution that adds value to your business while wowing your customers and distributors.



1.Customized solution

 Finding the proper packaging for your product that both protects your product and looks presentable can be difficult. There are many specifications to consider—your product’s weight, size, how your product will be shipped and unloaded at its destination, etc. At Cratek, we design a packing solution for your product and provide prototypes to ensure the packing materials are a perfect fit.


2. Efficiency

 Getting the packing materials when you need them is essential to running a business and providing exceptional service to your customers and distributors. Developing an efficient process for packaging your product can feel overbearing, especially if you don’t have the space to store packing materials. Custom packaging allows you to create an efficient process that fits your needs. You’ll gain access to the most efficient resources for your product which will help you save time in the long run. Cratek can store and deliver both custom and standard packing products so you have them only when you need them.


3. Personalized services

 Working with a custom packaging provider also gives you access to a variety of services that you can’t get from other retailers. From inventory management, custom prototyping, next-day delivery, and more, Cratek has over 30 years of experience providing personalized services that help you meet your business goals. Cratek cares about building into your success by providing quality services with matchless customer service.


4. Cost-effective

 Finding the right packaging solution for your product can be costly. By using custom packaging for your next shipment you can rest assured that your money is being spent only on materials that fit your product and nothing more. You no longer have to waste time and money on substandard packing materials. With access to a wide variety of packaging materials, Cratek has the resources and expertise to provide custom, cost-effective packing solutions for you.

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