How Custom Crates Help

Prevent Damage in Shipping

Your product is at risk for damage if not packed securely or properly for shipping. No matter the size or fragility of your product, custom crating can help prevent damage in shipping by providing an appropriate-sized crate and packaging materials for your product. 


Custom Design = Custom Fit

 There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution for shipping crates. Each product has unique specifications that require attention to detail for a customized solution and safe delivery. Here are just some of the specifications that influence the crating solution designed and built for your product:


  • What is the weight, size, and fragility of your cargo or product?
  • Will the crating system be used for single or multiple trips?
  • Will there be a need for a forklift or pallet jack? Is the crate(s) recipient on ground level or dock high to receive?
  • What is the transportation method (air, land, or sea?)
  • Will your product be shipped domestically or internationally?

 At Cratek, our team of experts provides a personal consultation to learn your objectives and needs and assist you in making the best decision to ensure your cargo gets to its destination safely and your product fits securely in its crate.


Built with Support

 Custom crates are built with sturdy materials suited specifically for your product to ensure safe arrival.


  • Crate Base – This is what your product is set on. It can be accompanied by dunnage or cradles which help support your equipment or product.
  • Risers – Under the crate base are risers that allow for pallet jack or forklift access so the crate can be easily moved into a truck or put into storage.
  • Panels – The plywood panels create sturdy sides and framing to your crate.
  • Dunnage – Dunnage, or support material, is placed under the product to keep it off of the crate floor.
  • Foam – Upon request, your crate can also be secured with foam which offers a cushioned ride for your product



Ease & Support in Transport

 Your product is only as good as the condition it arrives in. Custom crates are built with sturdy materials and custom details to account for all the potential risks in travel, like turbulence, inclement weather, uneven roads, and more.

 Here at Cratek, we manufacture our crates with certified heat-treated lumber and CDX plywood to ensure strength, durability, great appearance, and your crates/pallets are compliant with all international import/export laws. All lumber used in your crate construction is HT stamped meeting the ISPM-15 requirements for international shipping.

 Regardless of size, weight, or fragility, when you partner with Cratek, you can rest assured that your products will reach their destinations safely.








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