Our History

Tom Simmons started Boulder Shipping Services in May of 1985 as a small packaging store. His first crating job was when Sperry Univac and Burroughs merged and needed a crate built. They called Tom and the rest is history.

in January of 1992, Randy (Williams) showed up to make a sales call to Tom and they ended up becoming business partners. As Boulder Shipping Services grew, the space in Boulder became too small, and a more suitable space was found in Longmont, CO. At that point, the name Boulder Shipping Services was change to Crating Technologies — the company was now located in Longmont, not in Boulder, and we didn’t do shipping.

In 2004 Crating Technologies hired Kerry Williams as a salesperson in Denver. Her success required Crating Technologies to open an office in Denver in September of 2005. We now have two locations and 23 people working to serve the Front Range’s crating needs. We have added Cratek Supply Co. and Colorado Loose Fill as partners in supplying all packaging needs. Cratek Supply Co. provides a full line of shipping supplies and can be found on the web at www.crateksupply.com. Colorado loose fill is a distributor of packaging peanuts.