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We Design Custom Crating Systems for You
We engineer, design, and build custom crating systems to suit your specific needs and to best protect your cargo. A crating system is whatever you need to keep your cargo safe, while fulfilling your specific needs.

It can be a single wooden crate or pallet, a reusable, foam padded crate with multiple sections, a complex set of custom holding brackets installed inside a freight container or semi trailer, or a combination of solutions.

Our experts will review your objectives and needs, and will help you make the best decision. The design of your crating system is influenced by the:

  • Weight and size of your cargo or piece to crate
  • “Fragility” of the piece
  • Use of the crating system (reusable or one time use; storage, transit, or both; etc.)
  • Shipping destination (locally, continental US, or internationally)
  • Transportation method (ground by truck, ground by train, air, sea)

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